beauty in eye is a professional beauty treatment centre established by experienced makeup artists 10 years ago. It specialises in eyebrow tattooing, and Korean invisible eyeliner and eyelash extension treatments.

The founders have extensive experience in the makeup industry and have served many different clients. However, they found makeup to be too temporary and wanted to find a better alternative to continually looking good. They conducted a lot of research on various technologies and visited different countries to explore methods of eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing that would perpetuate their clients’ charms and allure.

In order to provide a painless, permanent and natural effect without swelling or damage to the skin, beauty in eye  has been extraordinarily conscientious in the use of technology and colouring materials. We have chosen the finest quality of non-fading and invariant colouring emulsions imported from the US to ensure a more natural and softer effect that will not fade or change colour into blue or red later. We also provide an eyebrow removal and eyebrow shape modification service for clients wishing to improve any imperfections in their eyebrow line. Hygiene and our clients’ safety are the prerequisite of our service.

Our mission is to provide a professional service that is discreet, understanding, personal and intimate. In this way, every client will feel comfortable and at ease as they prepare to their gorgeous new look.

Our Performance Pledge. 9 Promises to All Our Clients:

1) The hygiene and safety of all our tools is our highest priority:
We implemented an “One person, One set of Disposable Tools” policy to ensure total safety and hygiene.

2) We use only the finest colouring emulsions imported from the US:
These emulsions are invariant and non-fading. They will not change into red or blue later.

3) New technology is used to ensure that all treatments are painless and will not lead to swelling or skin damage:
Unlike with traditional eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing, clients do not need to rest at home after treatment. They can go to work or go shopping right after leaving the salon.

4) A professional cosmetologist ensures the safety and trustworthiness of the service:
The cosmetologist is well trained and skilled in all the techniques.

5) A tailored service is provided in order to fulfill different client’s needs:
The cosmetologist will design the most suitable eyebrow and eyeliner shape to match the different facial shapes of different clients.

6) The effect of modifying an imperfect eyebrow is enduring:
We have the latest technology to modify “blue-eyebrow”, “red-eyebrow” or “imperfect-eyebrow” induced by the failure of previous eyebrow tattooing, so that clients can enjoy a perfect, and lasting natural eyebrow.

7) The effect of our eyebrow tattooing is lifelike, natural and soft:
A lineal drawing technique is used in all our treatments to ensure the final effect is natural, lifelike and indistinguishable from a real eyebrow.

8) Clients can also enjoy an after-treatment complementary colouring and shape modification service within half a year.

9) Our salon environment is comfortable and offers complete privacy for each client:
The salon is always spotless, tidy and comfortable. Only one client is served in each treatment room at a time to protect their privacy. A dressing room is also provided so clients can put on their make up after receiving treatment.