beauty in eye liner Korean stealth technology enables binocular 24 hours remain elves have look, makeup will not dull eyes, but also save a lot of eyeliner and eyeliner unloading of time, because even without oil and make eye eyeliner halo open, dispense with the awkward panda eyes!

People of any age can be embroidered eyeliner, and now, also is no longer a female embroidered Patent eyeliner, men also through embroidery liner, keep the eyes of God become more and more attractive!

beauty in eye liner Korean stealth characteristics:
1) Eyeliner embroidered hidden in the roots of eyelashes, thick eyelashes can create the feeling. When the eyes shut, others can not see eye liner, natural pleasing to the eye.
2) does not inflamed, without recuperating at home, work or shopping for immediate makeup.
3) can be carried out within six months after the service with a free complementary color and change shape.

beauty in eye liner Korean invisible process:
• First, the beautician for guests to unload eye makeup.
• Then design appropriate eyeliner to communicate with guests.
Then, for about 8 minutes of preparation work for .
• painless technique to embroidered on the roots of eyelashes eyeliner.
• post-clean and coat care creams.
• Finally, attention and care to the guests about the matter.


$ 3800 (eyeliner)
$ 3200 (under the liner)