Hair loss or thinning hair line not only affect the appearance, but also affect the self-confidence. But hair is expensive and time-consuming, I would like to get in a short bushy hair line effect, or to fill baldness, can go to the beauty in eye perform hair restoration surgery, painless issuance.

beauty in eye hair prosthetics Features:

1) Hair instantly becomes thick.
2) does not hurt real hair follicles.
3) the process painless and safe, and lasting effect.
4) suitable for sparse hairline and some bald man.

beauty in eye hair prosthetics process:

• First, professional therapists perform for the guests clean hair repair site.
• Then design modeling hairstyles and upon the direction of hair growth.
• Then carry out preparatory work.
• A painless and safe technique of hair on the scalp veins.
• Re-post-cleaning and coating care creams.
• Finally, attention and care to the guests about the matter.

Price: $ 4,500 – $ 12,800 (depending on the guests case)