beauty in eyeProfessional beautician the light of the surface shape and contour of the guests , to design the most suitable eyebrow , build like a really natural eyebrow . Even makeup , you can maintain the appearance of the tracks you lived .

beauty in eyeFloating eyebrow Features :
1) high painting sketch technique as the real eyebrows , eyebrow naturally soft , after many years will not red or blue .
2 ) No need to change wash eyebrow eyebrow .
3 ) eyebrow color natural , with natural eyebrows same, will not change color or of color .
4 ) does not inflamed , without recuperating at home , you can instantly go to work or shopping.
5 ) failure to modify a small blue tattoo eyebrows , red eyebrows and bad eyebrow .
6 ) can be carried out within six months after the service with a free complementary color and change shape.
beauty in eyeFloating eyebrow process:

First, the beautician will provide guests clean eyebrows.
Then design suitable for guests eyebrow .
Followed by about 15 minutes of preparatory work,Sketch painless technology and techniquesPainting eyebrows
Post- clean and coat care creams .
Finally, attention and care to the guests about the matter .

$ 4,500 (women)
$ 4,800 (men )