beauty in eye opened nearly 10 years, it is a floating eyebrow, eyeliner and professional Korean invisible fairy floating eyelash beauty center, was established by a professional makeup artist. When the founder of the cosmetics industry engaged, we served different customers, experienced, but felt relatively brief bright glamorous make-up, to keep always in high spirits, the need to find other methods. Thus, the founder and began to study the pattern eyebrow pattern liner technology, and often visit different countries to study and embroider eyebrow and eyeliner training methods, so as to allow the guests twenty-four hours are vivid colors and moving. In order to provide a painless swelling, lasting effect natural Wenxiu,beauty in eye addition to focusing on technology, the color material is also very rigorous. We chose not color and not the color of the top US imports color of milk, so eyebrows and eyeliner will not red or blue, the effect is more natural and in eye at the same time in response to guests, provide without washing eyebrow eyebrow also improve services for guests modify imperfect eyebrows. Over the years, we have been careful to ethics, to guest safety and health of the premise, to provide professional and attentive service make guests feel at ease and comfortable service experience, and radiant with vivid appearance.

beauty in eye of the guests nine assurance:

1) tool health, safety comes first:
the use of one type of a disposable tool to ensure health and safety.

2) American color milk, durable and reliable:
the United States imported colored milk, not color, not of color, the same red and blue unchanged.

3) The new technology, painless swelling:
adopts new Wenxiu technology, unlike the old grain-like eyebrows and eyeliner techniques pain, more need to rest at home, you can instantly go to work or shopping.

4) Beauty commissioner, professional and reliable:
professionally trained beauticians, skillfully, offering peace of mind of reliable service.

5) tailor-Care:
Beautician one due upon surface shape, design the most suitable eyebrow and eyeliner.

6) modify bad eyebrows, lasting effect:
In the top new technology, the failure of a small blue tattoo modify eyebrows, red eyebrows and bad eyebrow, allowing guests to enjoy a more lasting and more natural eyebrows.

7) effect like true, natural soft:
beautician at high sketch painting techniques as the real eyebrows, naturally pleasing to the eye, the effect is no different with the real eyebrow.

8) after-sale protection, free Review:
available within six months after the service with a free complementary color and change shape.

9) The environment is comfortable, Privacy high:
the shop clean and comfortable, and each service beauty salon just a guest, a high degree of privacy. The store also has a dressing room, where guests can enjoy the service after immediate makeup work or shopping.